IEEE International Conference on Blockchain and Cryptocurrency
1–5 May 2023 // Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Know before you go to Dubai

Good to know before you go to Dubai


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Local Time

The local time zone is GMT + 04.00.

Weather in May on Average

Dubai weather is transiting from cool to hot weather. It is the pre-start of the hot season. Average temperature is between 33-35° C (91-95° F).

United Arab Emirates Visitor Information

Emergency Contact Numbers 

Police: 999

Fire: 997

Ambulance: 998


Select pharmacies are open 24-hours, the most common pharmacies are Aster, Life.


The UAE's official currency is the UAE Dirham (AED).
The current exchange rates are 1 US Dollar = 3.67 AED and 1 Euro = 4.01 AED

Credit Cards

All major credit cards are accepted in vast majority of shops and restaurants. Attendees may find it useful to obtain a small amount of local currency for incidental expenses and tipping. While taxis are increasingly accepting credit cards, this is not universal, so you may require some cash for taxi fares.

External currency is not usually accepted, but money exchange offices are everywhere and they deal with a broad range of currencies.

Electrical & Voltage Information

The UEA electrical system uses a Single-phase voltage 230 V at 50 Hz (cycles) and a G-type plug. This is the British-style 3-pin plug.

Country Code 

From overseas, dial +971, then the phone number including area code.

Local Laws and Etiquette

Alcohol is not commonly drunken in public places or malls. While independent restaurants are not allowed to serve alcohol, hotels, sports clubs, and specially designated areas are permitted to serve alcoholic drinks in their bars and restaurants. However, to drink in a bar or restaurant, you need to be more than 21 years of age.

It is better to always carry a photo ID with a date of birth on it.

Many local municipalities have bans on smoking in public places like malls, metro stations, and bus stations. “No smoking” signs should clearly indicate the areas in which smoking is prohibited.

Please wear respectful clothing in public places such as hotels, restaurants, malls, and markets. Shoulders and knees should be covered.

Tipping is a practice that is common and expected for some services. For example, in places of dining, 10-15% of the bill is desirable to be left as tip for the waiter/waitress. Other examples include tipping cab drivers, hotel maids, and tour guides (at your discretion). Most high end hotels and restaurants include a 15% gratuity on the bill. Guests should check the bill before tipping. 

UAE uses the metric system and measures temperatures in Celsius.

Health and emergency services can be quite expensive if you do not have proper insurance coverage. Ensure that your insurance plan has international coverage.


Information about the conference venue hotel and arrival information is at:


Wi-Fi is widely available throughout Dubai and especially in shopping malls and the airports, where it is provided free of charge.


Internet Restrictions

Some Voice Over IP calls and messaging services, such as Skype and Facebook messenger, are operational with restrictions in Dubai.


Cell Service

The two major telecommunication companies operate 4G mobile networks in the UAE. These companies are Du and Etisalat. Some information on temporary subscription plans for visitors is available at the following:


Dhow Cruise

Dress Code: Comfortable casual.

Bring sunglasses, sunscreen and a hat if Cruise is during the day. Bring a light jacket as precaution (not much required).


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