IEEE International Conference on Blockchain and Cryptocurrency
1-5 May 2023 // Dubai, United Arab Emirates



Prof. Davor Svetinovic, Khalifa University and Vienna University of Economics and Business


PROF. Davor Svetinovic

Professor at Khalifa University, and Vienna University of Economics and Business

Blockchain Turbulences: From Trust to Censorship Resistance


Abstract: Blockchain technology has already established itself for developing various new complex decentralized software systems. For example, integrating blockchains, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and the Internet-of-Things (IoT) provides a promising new research and development direction that has generated significant research funding and venture capital investments. Each of these technologies is coming forward with a new set of engineering challenges (e.g., understanding the requirements related to trust and ethics, system resilience towards unpredictable market behavior, or development of ultra-long-term software systems). At the same time, various blockchain systems are going through turbulent swings in value, culture, trustworthiness, illegal activity, public perception, supporting market infrastructure, and censorship resistance.

This keynote will present a selection of our recent work ranging from engineering trust to building censorship-resistant federated learning on decentralized permissionless blockchains. The common theme is understanding how various innovations, illegal activities, and system manipulations lead to blockchain system turbulences and vice versa. The keynote discusses the feasibility of engineering mechanisms to predict and dampen the effects of blockchain turbulences using market mechanisms and machine learning. The goal is to increase fundamental blockchain system trustworthiness, reliability, and public acceptability, while increasing the value and benefits of complex blockchain systems.

VITA: Davor Svetinovic is a professor at Khalifa University, United Arab Emirates (UAE), and Vienna University of Economics and Business, Austria (on leave). He is the Chair of the Institute for Distributed Ledgers and Token Economy and the Director of the Research Institute for Cryptoeconomics.

He received his doctorate in computer science from the University of Waterloo, Waterloo, ON, Canada, in 2006. He did his post-doctoral work at TU Wien, Austria, and Lero – the Irish Software Engineering Center, Ireland. In 2008, he joined the MIT (Visiting Professor, Research Affiliate) – Masdar Institute (Assistant/Associate Professor) Initiative as a founding faculty member. He contributed to the development of the Masdar Institute and the overall advanced research ecosystem in the United Arab Emirates. Following early success, the Masdar Institute was merged with two other universities (PI and KUSTAR) to form Khalifa University, a top-ranked research-intensive university, where he has continued his blockchain technology research. He was also a research affiliate at the world-renowned MIT Media Lab, MIT, USA.

Davor has extensive experience working on complex multidisciplinary research projects. He has authored or co-authored more than 90 papers in leading journals and conferences and is a highly cited researcher in blockchain technology. His current research interests include blockchain technology, cryptoeconomics, trust, and software engineering. His career has furthered his interest and expertise in developing advanced research capabilities and institutions in emerging economies. Davor is a Senior Member of IEEE and ACM.